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POND SKIM 2013 Fashion Show Part 1

Before you read this and realize I am terrible at punctuation I’m just gonna let you know that I know… It would not be a bad idea for me to volunteer in my daughters 3rd grade class and jot down some notes!




Jillian Rabe is one of those people that you just want to go the extra mile for. So, welcome to longest blog ever. Two actually. I’m breaking this up into two blogs! I had wanted to work with her for while now and when I got asked to photograph this event I was stoked. Everywhere I go, every time I get on FB someone is talking about how amazing Jillian Rabe is. Our first conversation was like a breath of fresh air. She was direct yet kind. Told me what she wanted and what she did not. As a photographer it is easy to over work to make sure you have what your client wants. When I got to The Space (Jillians office) Everything just fell into place. The event was organized, I felt like I meshed with everyone on the bus. I was surrounded by beautiful people with even more beautiful personalities. When we got to meadows it was gorgeous! Blue skies, amazing light to photograph Lauren Plumberg  (whom is a wicked talented MUAH) get the models ready for the fashion show. The show went well despite my nerves!! I have only shot candids of models getting ready at a fashion show so… first time jitters and I could not see the back of my camera. That was mixture of luck and trusting my gut. Pheeewww! Anyway, all in all I feel like I got much more then a paycheck from this event. I left with valued friendships, experience shooting runway and an amazing memory!

POND SKIM 2013 Fashion Show Part 2

And part 2!! I told you… longest blog ever:)But how could I have left any of these out? To be honest I have a few more that I really want to add but I feel like that would turn into blog number 3 on this one event.

Thank you guys for making this my favorite shoot yet!!

Jillian Rabe you are lovely and I can not wait to work with you in the future!

Shine on!


Bunney Wedding in Phoenix Arizona

I do not even know where to start! Lately I have been meeting the most amazing people. I feel like this job has brought me so much happiness that I can truly say I have lived. Amanda and Isaac Bunney flew me to Arizona so photograph their wedding but at the same time they made me feel like I was one of their guests. This couple is surrounded by so many people that I fell in love with right away. Her grandmother smiled the entire weekend, her brother in-law Matthew was the funniest person I have ever met, her girl friends were doing everything they could to make sure their weekend went perfectly. I could go on and on! Amanda was not at the least bit nervous or stressed out which to me meant that all she cared about was marrying her best friend. I’m not gonna lie, I am totally tearing up writing this and it was 3 weeks ago!! I am beyond happy for the both of them. I have no doubt in my mind that they will live a very happy life filled with laughter, singing and shenanigans. I adore you both.




May 4, 2013 - 2:22 pm

Chris Rice - Jessica Keaveny helps the blind see, makes you love people you’ve never met.

May 5, 2013 - 3:26 pm

Karla Schlaefli - Jess,
I love that you captured the spirit of the day, the personalities of the bride and groom, and gave such life to the pictures. We so loved having you there. I love how you became part of the celebration. I felt like you were more like family than a photographer. You do amazing work, and the sweet memories of that day and our family have been captured forever. Thank you again!